Beginning a Raised Garden Bed

Maybe you have recently purchased yourself a raised garden bed. What do you do now? Below are some tips to help get you started growing in your raised bed.

Items needed:

  1. Soil mixture: you need enough to feel your bed approximately 6 inches deep.
  2. Compost: you can use your own or purchase from a store.
  3. Weed barrier: be certain to buy enough to line your entire raised bed.
  4. Seeds or seedlings: purchase whatever you want to grow.

If you set up your raised bed and a grassy spot, it is best to use a weed barrier fabric on the ground to prevent the grass and weeds from growing up through the bed. You can also add a weed barrier to the top of the soil to prevent weeds from growing and to help control the moisture in your garden.

When deciding on where to put your raised bed, make sure your plants will get enough sunlight based on where other plants in your yard are located. Be certain to plant your garden with plants that will grow well in the amount of sunlight the area gets. Then, use the soil and compost to fill your bed.

Once the soil is placed in the raised bed, add the weed barrier on top, following the directions. When planting seedlings, start by placing them on the weed barrier in their containers, spacing them as necessary. That way, you will be able to envision how your garden look before committing a plant to a certain spot. Once you’re happy with the plant placements, you can insert the plants into the soil by cutting an “x” in the weed barrier and placing the plant directly into the soil. When taking the plant out of the container, be careful to get the entire root ball. Poor little water into the hole before placing the plants into the area. Repeat the process until all of your plants are in the soil.

Once all of your plans are in the ground, water them gently completely. Be certain to water the plants thoroughly to help them get a good start. Now, step back and look at your beautiful garden. You will be amazed at how far a little gardening work takes you.