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Creating a Memory Garden

Posted by Tracey Walker on

Adjusting to losing a loved one can take time, whether it is a person or a beloved pet. A Memory Garden is one way to keep their memory alive. This is simply a special spot dedicated in your garden to that pet or person. Below are several suggestions to help you get a Memory Garden going.

  • If your memory Garden is in honor of a loved one, consider planting one of the plants from their own garden in yours. Choose a spot where you have shared a memory with them, whether in your yard or garden. If that is impossible, to supplant their favorite flower or plant¬†instead. If they did not have a favorite one, consider planting different shades of their favorite color to honor them.
  • Another idea is to plant a flower or plant that shares their name. For example, consider an Iris or Lily if that is part of their name. Many Rose plants have names that may work as well.
  • A memorial tree is another option to honor your departed loved one. Some public parks have a Memorial tree planting area that may be an option. Talk with your local parks and rec department to see if they have this option available.
  • Another option you may want to consider is planting a garden in red, white, and blue to honor service members. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as wish. Your creativity is the only limit.

However you decide to remember your loved one, a Memory Garden can be a wonderful addition. Your garden may also include your loved ones favorite saying on a plaque with their picture. This can help to personalize the garden or tree in a way specific to the person you are honoring.

Have you considered planting a Memory Garden for a loved one? Do you have ideas on how to make a Memory Garden especially memorable? If so, please tell us below in the comment section.