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“Bee”ing a Proactive Gardener

Posted by Tracey Walker on

Do you enjoy eating? If so, you need to understand the importance of pollinators. Most of the food we eat is reliant upon pollinators. Pollinators include birds, butterflies, beetles, and bees. These insects are imperative to our gardening and, ultimately, our sources of food.

Perhaps you’ve never considered how dependent we are on insects for food. Most of us prefer our food to be free of bugs. Now, were not asking you to sit down and eat a bunch of bugs, but rather consider how those bugs that your food make it to your plate.

There are some things you can do to help these pollinators better do their job. One way is to provide them with proper shelter and food. Plant flowers that encourage butterflies. The same plants will typically attract to your garden. As communities grow, it is hard for bees to find areas where they can survive and create hives. Old trees are a great shelter for many bees, so keep that in mind when landscaping. Offering many flowering plants such as pumpkins, mint, sage, rosemary, lavender, pilot great ways to provide the nectar that many insects love. Also be certain to provide them a water source.

If you have insects you refer not to deal with, you can try using organic methods to deal with them or Click Here. This will also help you keep your garden healthier, thus helping with the help of the butterflies the. Pull weeds from your garden more often as well. Build a compost bin and make your own compost tea to fertilize your plants. It may take some time to figure out what works best for your garden. A great way to help unwanted insects out of your garden is to use alternatives to harmful methods such as essential oils and a barrier wall. The best essential oils to use include tea tree, orange, and peppermint oil.

With the decline of the populations around the world, it is important for every family and individual to do something about it. There are many small changes that can have a huge effect. Do what you can your garden to keep the bees and other pollinators healthy and happy.