Getting Started with Gardening

Even if your friends, family, or online guru give you advice on how to tend to your garden, it is important to remember that it is your garden, not theirs. When you speak to long time gardeners, their usual suggestion is that it’s best to learn how to garden through getting out in the dirt and simply starting to grow.

If you are just beginning your gardening journey, there are several things you do before getting started. If it is later in the season, you can start making plans for planting the next year.

If you live in an area of the country that is older, but are interested in starting to grow now, planting cool weather crops such as lettuce is a wise choice. Those who live in climates that are warmer are able to grow crops throughout most of the year, making it easier for them to begin planting almost any time.

There are several things you need to consider after your first year of gardening before beginning the second year:

  • the location of your garden
  • the amount of shade and sunlight your plants received
  • the amount of water your plants received, whether too much or too little
  • what were your family favorites from the garden, and what did they dislike
  • which flowers were your favorite, in which would you prefer to change
  • how much time was invested in your gardening and whether you need to adjust that amount of time next year
  • what new plants might you be interested in trying out the following year in your garden
  • whether it’s worth it to switch your garden to organic so you can enjoy the health benefits for your family

Once you have determined what you need to change the following year or keep the same, you can began winning your garden and prepare to start growing again. If you decide to switch over to an organic garden, changing out the soil is important. Then, simply refer back to your notes, order the seeds or plants you need, draw out your garden layout, and prepare to start planting.