About Royal Garden Marmaris

Hello, and welcome to our Royal Garden! My name is Tracey and I am a certified Master Gardener in Massachusets.

When the for gardening began as a child. I can remember as a three-year-old helping my grandmother in her garden. I was able to play in the dirt alongside her, and weeks later see the product of our work as the seeds began to grow. The time spent with her in the garden and the award of growth created a love in me for everything about gardening.

Over the years, my passion continued to grow at the encouragement of my grandmother. When she died, my interest in gardening grew even more as a way to remember her. Nowadays, gardening is not only a way to remember her, but a favorite past time.

As I have continued to grow my expertise in gardening, many friends and neighbors began asking for advice on their own garden. I have helped many people begin and maintain their gardens these past five years. My goal is to help everyone interested in gardening learn how to do so efficiently and effectively. That is the goal of this blog.

I hope you will follow me here to learn more about gardening. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.